What can you experience here?

Diving excursions in here gives you the chance to explore the underworld of the Rasdhoo atoll where usually whale sharks, mantas, hammerheads and eagle rays are frequently seen. To undergo a diving activity you do not have to be a professional diver as we do provide professional divers to assist you to make a complete unforgettable diving experience which will last for a life time.

Snorkeling Trip
In the Snorkeling trip enjoy the underwater wonderland of the nearby coral reefs at Madivaru, Rasdhoo and Kuramathi. The reefs around Radhoo Island are just as abundant in their variety of coral as the marine creatures that live in their variety of coral as the marine creatures that live in and around them. To appreciate this underwater world you don’t need to be a professional diver. Snorkeling is one of the simplest ways in which one can have a glimpse of this amazing world under the water.

Island Picnic
Sand Bank
Island Picnic in Banana Residence allows you to travel to from one island to the other and check out their beautiful beaches, lush green vegetation, fantastic landscapes and tranquil waters of the sea. Island hopping basically involves leaving Rasdhoo island to explore one of the nearby Resorts in the same area. In addition you will be guided to a Picnic Private Island where you can enjoy the Sun, Sea & the Sandy beaches while enjoying your favorite mocktail or drink.

Sand Bank Trip
Sand Bank
Sand Bank excursions in here gives you the chance to explore the peaceful world of the Rasdhoo atoll where surrounds a beautiful lagoon where you can relax and do snorkeling.

Fishing Trip
The fishing methods in the Maldives are interesting to watch, and bait less fishing is the most fascinating among them. Banana Residence offer Big Game Fishing or Morning fishing Trips up on your request. This involves trolling usually outside the atoll along the reef. Fishing enthusiasts could bring their own equipment if you wish to experience the excitement during your visit. On the other hand, the hotel will provide the necessary equipments used for the fishing trips. The fished that you catches, normally end with exquisite barbecues and dinners on the beach- a memorable experience that will keep you drawing back to Maldives.

Dolphin Cruise
Spinner Dolphins
Spinner Dolphins are the commonest species, and they occur here in their tens of thousands. They have a regular daily routine to their lives, feeding offshore at night, coming into the atolls in the early morning, and leaving again for the open ocean in the late afternoon. This dependable schedule means that it is very easy to find Spinner Dolphins at certain times every day. And as a result, many Maldivian guest houses offer morning or afternoon dolphin excursions to see Spinners. While nothing with wildlife can be absolutely guaranteed, you will never have a better chance to watch wild dolphins playing in their natural environment than right here in the Maldives.

Manta Trip
To snorkel or dive with manta rays is an almost indescribable experience. They move through the water with such grace, gently soaring through the turquoise lagoons, over reefs bursting with life. It is truly a magical feeling to see these creatures fly through the water. Manta Rays are inquisitive by nature and if you can control your excitement and remain still and not splash around, the rays will swim around you with tremendous elegance.